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Electrofluidsystems, GBS und Megaimpulse kooperieren in der Entwicklung von Hochspannungsgeneratoren für verschiedene Plasma-Anwendungen. Wir vertreiben einzelne Plasma-Generatoren und komplette Starter-Pakete mit Netzteilen, Multi-Kanal-Kontrollsoftware und Videotraining für Anfänger. Zur Angebotsanfrage für Generatoren und Starter-Paketen kontaktieren Sie uns bitte hier.

Minipuls Series

The compact Minipuls high voltage generators are solid-state control circuit boards with transformer cascades originally developed for unmanned aerial vehicles with onboard plasma systems for flow control or propulsion in 2006-2010. For lab operation, the Minipuls generators can be driven by low voltage regulated power supplies (e.g. 0-36 V, 0-10 A) and are widely used also by customers in the field of dielectric barrier discharge plasma surface and exhaust after-treatment

In the past the Minipuls generators from Minipuls 1 up to Minipuls 6 were all distributed with the logos of Electrofluidsystems as GBS was our subcontracting manufacturer. The first generator types Minipuls 1 and Minipuls 2 are not available anymore but are still in use by many research organizations and universities on four continents. The first customer in 2006 was the USAFA followed by Onera and WPAFB to name a few.

Geschichte der Minipuls-Generatoren von 2006-2010

MinipulsMini 1, DC30kVsmd und Minipuls 4

MinipulsMini 1, Minipuls 4 und Minipuls 6

Minipuls 2 mit 1 mm Silikongummi-Aktuator (aus)

Minipuls 2 mit 1 mm Silikongummi-Aktuator (ein)

I (C1) proportional zu 10 V/A, U (C2) mit 1:1000 V

Silikon-Aktuator kann max. kVpp des Minipuls 2 nutzen

Both Minipuls 1 and Minipuls 2 types had a single integrated board. In 2008, the Minipuls 1 was first changed to MinipulsMini1 and later to Minipuls 0.1. Both the new Minipuls 0.1 and the Minipuls 2.2 listed below have now two separated boards like the more powerful and still available Minipuls 4 and Minipuls 6 generators. 

Minipuls 0.1 - 1-Kanal-Plasma-Generator mit 12 kVpp, 5-20 kHz, 30 W, 340 g  (Datenblatt)

Minipuls 2.2 - 1-Kanal-Plasma-Generator mit 20 kVpp, 5-20 kHz, 140 W, 1160 g  (Datenblatt)

Minipuls 4 - 1-Kanal-Plasma-Generator mit 40 kVpp, 5-20 kHz, 320 W, 4470 g  (Datenblatt)

Minipuls 6 - 1-Kanal-Plasma-Generator mit 60 kVpp, 5-20 kHz, 720 W, 8700 g  (Datenblatt)

The Minipuls generators can be controlled by standard signal generators or by the following Labview single and multi-channel control software tools in combination with additional National Instruments equipment.

Minipuls 4 mit Silikongummi-Aktuator - gleichförmig

Minipuls 4 mit Silikongummi-Aktuator - filamentär

FLIR-.Video vom Minipuls 4 mit Silikongummi-Aktuator

FLIR-Video vom Miniuls 4 mit Silikongummi-Aktuator

1-Kanal-Kontrollsoftware in Labview

2-Kanal-Kontrollsoftware in Labview

4-Kanal-Kontrollsoftware in Labview

2-Kanal-Kontrollsoftware in Labview

The following MultiPhas 8 and MultiPhasBatt generators were developed during our EHD propulsion research programme for the first 7.5m b-Ionic Airfish (video) from 2004 to 2005 and are still available for purchase. The Minipuls 1 generator mentioned above was derived from the MultiphasBatt in 2006.   

MultiPhas 8 - 8-Kanal-Plasma-Generator mit 8 kVpp, 5-50 kHz, 300 W (für 8 Ausgänge)  (Datenblatt)

MultiPhasBatt - 4-Kanal-Plasma-Generator mit 20 kVpp, 6-14 kHz, 240 W, 1100 g  (Datenblatt)

8-Kanal-Oszilloskop in Labview für den MultiPhas 8

8-Kanal-Oszilloskop in Labview für den MultiPhasBatt

8-Kanal-Plasma-Aktuator für EHD-Antriebe

4-Kanal-Plasma-Aktuator für EHD-Antriebe

8-Kanal-Plasma-Aktuatore verbunden mit MultiPhas 8

MultiPhas 8 und MultiPhasBatt Generatoren 

Erster Antriebstest und Erstflug mit MultiPhasBatt-Generatoren in 2005

DC High Voltage Series 

The DC High Voltage series was also developed for plasma driven airships from 2005-2008. The first HV30kV circuit board with 30kV DC and 45 W was used in the tail cone of the 7.5m b-Ionic Airfish (video). It was later replaced by the more compact and lightweight DC30kVsmd developed for the second 4.5m long plasma airship in 2007 and once more updated in 2017. The first four generators of the new series (one with negative and three with positive polarity) will be soon quoted and are also available for purchase in ebay.

HV30kV - DC-HV-Leiterplatte, 30 kV, dauerhaft max. 45 W, kurzzeitig 60 W, 200 g  (Datenblatt)

HV30kVsmd - DC-HV-Leiterplatte, 30 kV, dauerhaft max. 45 W, kurzzeitig 60 W, 87 g  (Datenblatt)

Nanopuls Series 

Regarding the Nanopuls series we collaborate with Megaimpulse and can also distribute nanosecond high voltage pulse generators to the USA where customers currently cannot directly order from Russia. We usually have better prices than any distributor in the USA and often share some part of our distributor discount with universities and research organizations. Furthermore, we distribute all other equipment from Megaimpulse. Some of them are presently not even officially listed at the Megaimpulse nano website.  

Most of our customers are using NPG-18/3500(N) nanopulser with negative and positive amplitude. We now also distribute the new NPG-18/100k which in basics is a NPG-18/3500(N) with a new 100kHz burst mode as ordered by us for our plasma jet propulsion and by partners working in the field of plasma combustion.

NPG-15/2000(N) - HV-Nanopulsgenerator, 13-18kV bei 75Ω, bis 3.2kHz  (Handbuch/Datenblatt)

NPG-18/3500(N) - HV-Nanopulsgenerator, 13-18kV bei 75Ω, bis 3.5kHz  (Handbuch/Datenblatt)

NPG-18/100k - HV-Nanopulsgenerator, 13-18kV bei 75Ω, bis 4.0kHz, 100kHz Burst  (Handbuch)

CS-10/500 - Stromsonde für Nanopuls- und Minipuls-Generatoren  (Handbuch)